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Breaking the Baby Breakfast Boredom

Weetabix… Weetabix… Weetabix… and so it went on. We were in rut with youngest’s breakfast. Whilst her dinner and lunches are nearly always the same as what we are having, breakfast was never quite the same. I couldn’t present the baby with the very specific toddler menu choice (bran flakes with raisins and banana) so during the chaos of getting breakfast ready for a demanding toddler and an often vocal baby desperate to start her breakfast, I would often turn most mornings to the failsafe option of weetabix with a finger of toast on the side for our 10month old.

When we were selected to try out some of Heinz’s new baby breakfasts, I was absolutely delighted at the chance to be introduced to a few options that could help us get youngest out of her breakfast monotony but ease my already time pressured mornings.

The lovely goodie bundle arrived bright and early one Saturday morning and we all crowded round to see what yummy options lay inside. On offer was two boxes of Heinz Baby Muesli, one apricot and peach flavour and one strawberry, raspberry and blueberry. We also had a big pack of Breakfast Biscotti Biscuits and a twin pack of the ready pots of Very Berry Porridge.


Our first taste was the apricot muesli. It couldn’t be easier to make, just mix muesli with your baby’s regular milk and give it a few minutes to soften and you’re set to go. This was perfect as I made this first whilst assembling the other family members breakfast and so by serving up time, the muesli was plump and soft and perfect for her gummy palette.

At first the change in breakfast created a raised eyebrow and a certain amount of suspicion but it took no time at all before Youngest was eager for each spoonful and had heartily tucked in to nearly three quarters of the bowl. The minute she had finished, Eldest was racing to get hold of her leftovers to give the muesli a whirl himself.Screen Shot 2014-08-26 at 8.30.10 PM

The second flavour was as big a hit as the first and we now alternate most mornings with apricot or the berry and we mix it up with the choice of serving it warm or cold to stop the mundane of breakfast on repeat striking again.

Other than breaking the boring cycle it was great to know that each serving of muesli had at least two teaspoons of fruit in each and 12 key vitamins and minerals, a relief that in our busiest rush of the day, I could still serve something hearty and nutritious up.

Screen Shot 2014-08-26 at 8.29.56 PM

The biscotti biscuits were an absolute blessing. The stress of preparing the dishes with a frantically hungry baby were whisked away by half a biscotti finger. Popping her in the highchair but having a little something for her to tuck in to whilst she watched on as I whizzed about the kitchen meant her hunger was sated and the stress diffused.

IMG_1382We saved the Very Berry Porridge pots for a day when we needed the ultimate convenience and these did not disappoint. Bags were flying everywhere, Eldest was gearing up for a day out with the grandparents and Youngest and I were due at her BabySensory in half an hour.

Screen Shot 2014-08-26 at 8.30.30 PM

We warmed the pot up for a few seconds in the microwave and presto, a yummy pot that included one of her five a day was ready to go (although they can be eaten cold as well for an even quicker serving!) The pot was devoured as quickly as it had arrived. I will most certainly be heading out to get these for when the manic rush of pre-school drop offs begin again in September.




We were kindly given a selection of products to try by Heinz but all opinions and views are that of my own. To find out more details please visit: http://www.heinzbaby.co.uk