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Breakfast with Father Christmas


Screen Shot 2015-12-24 at 09.59.01The countdown is finally finished and Christmas has very nearly arrived. But to make sure our family was well and truly in the Festive Spirit, we were kindly invited to Wyevale in Windsor, to enjoy one of their sessions with Father Christmas.

The brilliant idea involves either breakfast or afternoon tea at their great family orientated cafes, with the added bonus of a visit from the big fella himself.


We plumped for a breakfast, as I don’t think the excitement could have been contained all day, and this brilliant choice involved a full English breakfast for the adults and a children’s version too. If the tasty sausages and scummy baked beans weren’t your morning preference, there was also a continental choice including croissants and fresh juice.

We arrived at 9am on the dot, excited for the session to begin and we were greeted by some lovely elves who delivered us to our table. The kindly Elf explained the run down for the morning which was to see us, enjoy a cooked breakfast, the children could enjoy the soft play facilities, then a few party games with the Elves and finally Father Christmas would arrive and the tables would take turns to share their wishes with the man in red.

20151222_085917Well, the food was very tasty indeed. All four plates, big and small, were returned empty and devoured. Little extras adorned the table, including yummy chocolate stars with our tea and coffee. Eldest and Youngest were over the moon to spot a bag of gold coins each, plus some bubScreen Shot 2015-12-24 at 10.09.16bles and best of all, some crackers for us to pull.

There was lots of fun to be had in the soft play and party games, especially Christmas statues! I’ve always loved visiting our local Wyevale, knowing there is a bit for everyone with the shop, the cafe and the small soft play. Which is a small enough for you as a parent to sit on the side and supervise as your child has fun without the need to abseil a thousand foam ladders to ensure their safety, and this was no different. Parents could relax at the side as the children burnt off their energy (and those chocolate coins) in the fun surrounds.

The kids were delighted when Father Christmas turned up, there was lots of excited sequels and jumping. Given it may be tricky to get everyone back to the table in this excited time, Wyevale were on the case and each child was delivered a gigantic Christmas gingerbread cookie to decorate. They all received some lovely sweets and generous bag of icing to help make their trees look fantastic. We were the second to last table to see Santa, which normally would have sent my impatient pair insane but actually the cookie stopped any of that completely in it’s tracks.

Santa, was lovely. He took the time to listen to each of my children and have a good joke with them both. When Youngest got spooked at the idea of a photo, he welcomed us all as a family to sit in and have a photo taken together to calm her nerves, which worked like a treat. The children were also invited to pick their own toy, from a varied selection adorning the trees around the grotto. Eldest leapt at the chance for a super cool monster truck and Youngest was very smitten with a purple rag doll.

We absolutely adored our breakfast with Father Christmas session at Wyevale and would throughly recommend it to all, for those looking for an opportunity to make the most of those magical visits in December. Of course, it’s all a bit too late for this Christmas but be sure to keep in mind for next year, as it’ll be December 2016 before you know it!

With many thanks to Wyevale for their kind hospitality and offer of a visit to the Father Christmas Sessions. We were generously offered a free visit in return for an honest review. All opinions and reviews written here are that of my own.


A Family Day at the Races

The sun was shining in our albeit brief experience of summer a fortnight ago and we had some family guests over from Australia who were keen to experience some English fun and days out, so when the lovely people at Royal Ascot got in touch with us, offering us the chance to come down and experience their family fun day, we leapt at the opportunity.

IMG-20150713-WA0008Royal Ascot is an impressive structure, the kids who had been talking and jumping excitedly from the car, drew silent on arrival when they saw the big buildings and huge union jacks. It wasn’t long before they were back to leaping with excitement though when they saw all the fun on offer.

IMG-20150713-WA0050To the right of course was the family fun area which was fantastic on such a beautiful day. Included in our entrance tickets was as many goes as we liked on (obviously whilst queueing with others which naturally slowed the kids down a tad!) a giant inflatable slide, teacup waltzer, fairground swings and coconut shy. There was also a IMG-20150713-WA0059soft play corner for the little tots and a huge picnic area in the theme of Teddy Bears Picnic, with toadstool tables, giant garden beanbags and benches galore.

Also to be enjoyed around the area was a big character teddy stopping for cuddles, appearances from The Gruffalo for story time and meet and greets and even the chance to meet a retired race horse. The whole day saw me snapping photos away like a paparazzi of the kids, with so much excitement on offer that sadly I ran out of battery just as the kids got their arms around the cuddly Gruffalo strolling around. If not enough we also spotted jugglers and a man creating the most gigantic bubbles, that truly entranced the kids.


IMG-20150713-WA0033Our absolute favourite part of the family enclosure though, was the pony rides. Eldest wasn’t too sure on a ride (after seeing a horse race, he feared they may go galloping!) but youngest was chomping at the bit! Joining the queue, she was giddy with excitement and squeals of “Horsey Pony!” A little nerves hit when she went to climb the saddle of the beautiful Samuel but after a stroke of the mane, she happily climbed aboard and loved every minute of her lap. The only tears came when she had to get off. To have the chance to let the kids experience a pony ride, all inclusive in our entrance ticket was unbelievable. We’d been wanting to get the kids on a horse for a while now but feared it may be a waste of money if they got spooked at the last minute (as eldest did!) so this was brilliant.

IMG-20150713-WA0010We had the chance to go in to the Premier area, which brings with it a dress code including jackets and ties for the men and no denim or trainers for all. Getting suited and booted for the day was great fun. These days our finery is left sat in the back of the wardrobe waiting for a wedding invitation or very occasionally a landmark birthday in the family. So we enjoyed a trip to the shop to pick out a dapper little outfit for Eldest and a dress to shin for Youngest. The beautiful Premier space also served as the perfect space for our Australian guests, who at a slightly older aged, enjoyed the chance to sit down and enjoy the races in comfort.


IMG-20150713-WA0056Food was another favourite of the day, as we treated ourselves to a humongous portion of fish and chips each. Although that said, a 21month old, some ketchup and my finest silk dress wasn’t the greatest combination I had planned out but it certainly was tasty, as was our ice cream at the end of the day in the Picnic space.

IMG-20150713-WA0005Eldest loved watching the mechanics of the race, the horses lining up, looking at the names of all the horses in the book and giggling at some that made him laugh. He enjoyed picking the name of the one he thought may win and watching the race play out. Then going down and seeing the winning horses after a few of the races was a real hit for him too!

Ultimately the best part of the whole day though, was those working at Royal Ascot. The staff from the minute we stepped through the gates, till the moment we left were incredible to us and the children. Everywhere we went staff would stop and ask Eldest and Youngest if they were having fun and engage them in conversation. They were endlessly helpful when it came to finding our way around the course, finding baby changing and bathrooms for a toddler in a last minute toilet dash and helping our older guests who needed a little aid in some of the accessibility. Security runs the entire venue making you feel comfortable and safe as a family when there is a large amount of alcohol around, but not one of the staff were intimidating and Eldest was quite enamoured with the bowler hats they all wore.


Ascot have more family fun planned through out the year, where children under 18 enter for free at all Ascot Racedays.: 

  • The Halloween Raceday and Firework Spectacular on Saturday 31 October
  • Christmas Racing Weekend on Saturday 19th December

There will be fairground rides, a Halloween parade and various other children’s entertainment at the October meeting whilst in December there’s plenty of festive fun including the chance to meet Father Christmas, story telling with Mrs Christmas, funfair rides, reindeer and carol singing to round off the day. All alongside the racing.

More appropriate for older families is the Dubai Duty Free Shergar Cup and Concert on Saturday 8th August. Where racing is followed by a free evening concert featuring Lulu, Rick Astley, Razorlight, Blue and Hayseed Dixie.

We were invited to come down an enjoy some complimentary tickets with Royal Ascot in exchange for an honest review. We send out a big thank you to all the staff at Royal Ascot for a wonderful opportunity. 

Welcome to the wonderful world of Carddies

Through the fantastic family of Mumsnet Local Editors, I was offered the opportunity to try out a brilliant new brand, Carddies and we have had a great time getting to know this lovely set that has travelled to us.


Things are starting to get festive and so we decided to give the nativity set a go. We love to do Christmas themed activities in the course of December and this seemed like a fantastic place for us to start on Monday. Both Eldest and Youngest were fascinated by the colourful box and what lay inside. We were all eager to start when I showed them what we’d be doing.

In each box is a selection of double sided cut outs, a back drop, some pencils and some fabulous little bases that the characters sit in to allow them to stand and be moved.

photo-9 photo-12

We had great fun getting each character out of the box, talking about their role in the nativity and colouring them in (I may have even got a bit carried away colouring one in, can you spot it amongst Eldest’s beautiful creations?)

At first set up I had fetched the colouring-in tin of crayons and pens as I was unsure of the pencils and fearing they would be of the same dire quality occasionally found in the restaurant ‘entertainment’ packs. You know, the ones that require such force as to dent the table before it would even leave some decent colour on the page, in which case the thing then snaps anyway. Well I need have not feared this at all, the pencils provided in the pack were fantastic quality and beautiful to use. Even youngest’s dainty swirls left some impressive shading on the figures. There was also a generous selection of colours to choose from.


As each character was coloured, Eldest took great delight in then giving them their base to stand upon and importantly placing them in the scene. Even once the attention for colouring had faded, we still spent a further half an hour playing with the scene, giving them voices and acting out the nativity story.

These little boxes are just fantastic and hold so many possibilities. So far in the space of 3 days, our little box has been with us to a restaurant, to visit family and opened several times at home to add a little more colouring and a little more play. They are easy to transport too as they are perfectly sized for the changing bag or children’s backpacks and the box seems exceptionally robust, with no signs of wear and tear as of yet! I am thinking of ordering a few more to have on hand when I need things to just calm down a little and focus, when the craziness of the Christmas family visits and the gift whirlwind begins.

Screen Shot 2014-12-03 at 9.41.22 PM

Outside of the holiday period, Carddies still has plenty to offer. Children’s favourites such as cavemen, ballet dancers and footballers are available. Or a lovely option could also be the family Carddies sets, which could allow children to act out some beautiful imaginative play including all the characters from their very own family.

These fantastic boxes would make a brilliant Christmas stocking filler and it doesn’t get better than buying a British made, creative, and very eco-friendly product, well  actually it does, it comes with a discount!

For all orders purchased before the 31st of December:

• Save 10% when you purchase 1 Carddies set;
• Save 15% when you purchase 2 or 3 Carddies sets;
• Save 20% when you purchase 4 or more Carddies sets.

To receive this discount enter code XMASOFFR in the “Gift Card and Promotional Codes” box at the checkout, at the very last stage of the ordering process when you are reviewing your order and just before you press the “buy now” button. This offer only applies to purchases from Carddies Limited own store at Amazon, found here Carddies Amazon Store.


Breaking the Baby Breakfast Boredom

Weetabix… Weetabix… Weetabix… and so it went on. We were in rut with youngest’s breakfast. Whilst her dinner and lunches are nearly always the same as what we are having, breakfast was never quite the same. I couldn’t present the baby with the very specific toddler menu choice (bran flakes with raisins and banana) so during the chaos of getting breakfast ready for a demanding toddler and an often vocal baby desperate to start her breakfast, I would often turn most mornings to the failsafe option of weetabix with a finger of toast on the side for our 10month old.

When we were selected to try out some of Heinz’s new baby breakfasts, I was absolutely delighted at the chance to be introduced to a few options that could help us get youngest out of her breakfast monotony but ease my already time pressured mornings.

The lovely goodie bundle arrived bright and early one Saturday morning and we all crowded round to see what yummy options lay inside. On offer was two boxes of Heinz Baby Muesli, one apricot and peach flavour and one strawberry, raspberry and blueberry. We also had a big pack of Breakfast Biscotti Biscuits and a twin pack of the ready pots of Very Berry Porridge.


Our first taste was the apricot muesli. It couldn’t be easier to make, just mix muesli with your baby’s regular milk and give it a few minutes to soften and you’re set to go. This was perfect as I made this first whilst assembling the other family members breakfast and so by serving up time, the muesli was plump and soft and perfect for her gummy palette.

At first the change in breakfast created a raised eyebrow and a certain amount of suspicion but it took no time at all before Youngest was eager for each spoonful and had heartily tucked in to nearly three quarters of the bowl. The minute she had finished, Eldest was racing to get hold of her leftovers to give the muesli a whirl himself.Screen Shot 2014-08-26 at 8.30.10 PM

The second flavour was as big a hit as the first and we now alternate most mornings with apricot or the berry and we mix it up with the choice of serving it warm or cold to stop the mundane of breakfast on repeat striking again.

Other than breaking the boring cycle it was great to know that each serving of muesli had at least two teaspoons of fruit in each and 12 key vitamins and minerals, a relief that in our busiest rush of the day, I could still serve something hearty and nutritious up.

Screen Shot 2014-08-26 at 8.29.56 PM

The biscotti biscuits were an absolute blessing. The stress of preparing the dishes with a frantically hungry baby were whisked away by half a biscotti finger. Popping her in the highchair but having a little something for her to tuck in to whilst she watched on as I whizzed about the kitchen meant her hunger was sated and the stress diffused.

IMG_1382We saved the Very Berry Porridge pots for a day when we needed the ultimate convenience and these did not disappoint. Bags were flying everywhere, Eldest was gearing up for a day out with the grandparents and Youngest and I were due at her BabySensory in half an hour.

Screen Shot 2014-08-26 at 8.30.30 PM

We warmed the pot up for a few seconds in the microwave and presto, a yummy pot that included one of her five a day was ready to go (although they can be eaten cold as well for an even quicker serving!) The pot was devoured as quickly as it had arrived. I will most certainly be heading out to get these for when the manic rush of pre-school drop offs begin again in September.




We were kindly given a selection of products to try by Heinz but all opinions and views are that of my own. To find out more details please visit: 

Rocking out at Lollibop 2014

With Reading festival busy blaring through the streets of town, the festival feeling is catching. Of course with tinies, places like Reading Festival are long gone off the agenda but if you’re desperate to get the wellies back on, then be sure to add Lollibop to your yearly festival line up.

We were extremely lucky to be invited to Lollibop 2014 as bloggers, to come and experience the magic on offer for young and old at their new venue Hatfield House and we jumped at the chance to go along.

Lollibop 2014

Lollibop ‘the big bash for little people’ is completely geared for families and young ones. A few days before the event we received by inbox a ‘parent superhero pack’, ready to download and print. It was full of show timings, meet and greets info and a full run down of all the food venues on offer around the site. This was a blessing, it gave us a good chance to understand what was on offer and be confident on what we did and didn’t need to bring along with us and plan exactly what we wanted from the day.

Lollibop 2014

The new venue is fantastic for access. Easy to reach by train, bus and car it allowed the flexibility that families really desire. We ended up driving, with a journey of just over one hour from Reading (1hr 10 to be precise). Parking surrounded the venue so no big treks, perfect for tiny legs.


Whilst short on rock and roll, the festival was by no means short on rock stars to meet and great. Cbeebies favourites; Mr Bloom, Mister Maker, Christ and Pui, Andy Day and Alex Winters were all on hand throughout the day for kids to meet, cuddle and pose for a piccy with. TV stars like Scooby Doo, Dennis the Menace, Fireman Sam, Fat Controller, Steffi Love, Poppy Cat, Postman Pat and Horrible Histories all featured in the impressive line up too.

IMG_1724 IMG_1785 IMG_1734

The line up of shows across the two main stages was also staggering including mega star Justin Fletcher but our favourite show of the day by far, was Chris and Pui’s mini roadshow. This enchanting duo had my kids dazzled with their lively songs and fun props, whilst my husband and I were dazzled by the staggering amount and speed of the costume changes this brilliant pair achieved.  We even got a chance to wave hello to the toys from show me show me, something Eldest has been giddy about ever since!

Lollibop 2014 Lollibop 2014 Lollibop 2014

Outside the shows, the fields were alive with activities, mini shows and entertainment. The queues were long for many things but we had anticipated this and tried to plan our day around the shows fitting popular extras like a photo opportunity on Thomas the Tank engine for later in the day when things had much quietened down.

Lollibop 2014


To keep hands busy and minds active there were tents offering activities across the site, Eldest’s favourite was certainly the Little Tikes area and giant Cozy Coupe. Youngest fell in love with the Baby Annabelle play area, lovingly tucking a dolly in and out of a crib.

 IMG_1742We were fortunate enough that our passes allowed us access in to the VIP/Press arena. VIP passes were available to purchase and I think these were worth their weight in gold for many and something I would seriously consider in future. The quieter corner offered shorter wait times on many of the popular aspects of the day; meet and greets, food vans, toilets and seating. A brilliant disco sat in the centre and scattered around this were comfy bean bags, garden games and mini sandpits. My husband didn’t mind the bar offerings either.

Lollibop 2014There was so much on through the day, that despite being there from 10am to 6pm we still wished we had more time to see and try it all and would’ve been straight back the next day if we could have! Not once did we have a melt down from the kids, nor a tantrum, they were too busy being entranced by the wonderful surroundings and entertainment.

Whilst the days of Reading Festival seem to be far behind me, it really doesn’t matter quite so much with the joy we all had as a family down at Lollibop 2014!

Tickets were kindly given to us, however all thoughts, opinions and words are my own. Photos are a mixture of personal and those provided by Simon Jacobs © under licence to

Nana’s Knickers – Book Review

It was early one morning, eyes still blurry and my first dose of caffeine not quite rushing through my bloodstream, when I came across an email in my inbox inviting me to review Nana’s Knickers. It took me a little longer than normal to understand what lay in my inbox but when it clicked, I was absolutely delighted. It was an invitation from Blue Fluff Books and author Nico Russell, asking me to take a look at their new children’s book, the tale of a rather frantic Nana and her search for her beloved pair of spotty knickers.


It took no time at all from the book’s arrival, for my eldest to demand we sit down and read. I was also quite eager myself to discover the story that we held, with such an intriguing title.

Right from the start, this book reads with a beautiful pace and rhythm. The plight for the missing bloomers captured my 3yr olds imagination immediately and we quickly devoured each page. This book could easily appeal to an older audience of children than my son, with its impressive use of vocabulary that would test and develop new readers. In fact since reading Nana’s Knickers, it has introduced a selection of words to my toddler that he has been charmingly popping into sentences ever since.


It wasn’t long before I found myself warming to Nana and her clear joie de vivre. This grandma is not spending her golden years doing crosswords, but doing the fandango with Mr McGurt, having tea and scones with the vicar and my personal favourite, quaffing bubbles and croissants for breakfast. My son connected with Nana on an emotional level (it was only that morning we had misplaced a favourite toy train) and he was keen to see a happy ending, which did not disappoint.

The illustrations by Charlie Meyer are absolutely delightful, full of bright colours and intriguing details. We would often find ourselves stopping to catch and point out specific parts of the drawings throughout the story.


It was on our 3rd read of the book that my son discovered a particular element of the story and images that he absolutely adored. On one page was the mention of a mouse trap, which in turn made him spot that throughout the story a cheeky little mouse can be found hiding amongst the house. This was a brilliant addition that I found added excitement and interaction to the book.

We are now on our umpteenth read of the book, having read it most days since it hit our doormat and I can safely say I’ve not yet tired of reading the same words aloud again and again with my toddler happily sat on my lap.

We loved Nana’s Knickers and I was shocked to discover it was Nico Russell’s first steps in to the world of children’s fiction after a successful and award winning poetry background. The book read with the depth of character and witty humour shown by many more experienced children’s authors and I wouldn’t hesitate to say that I think Nico’s is a name that we will be seeing a lot more of in the literary world. The last page held a teasing introduction to the next book ‘A camel, a king and some carrots’ – a story that my family will be eagerly anticipating to see on the shelves.

With kind thanks to Blue Fluff Publishing, Nico Russell and Charlie Meyer for allowing Mumsnet Reading sample and review their impressive work. If you would like to buy a copy, head over to to get yours today.

Shifty McGifty & Slippery Sam – Book Review

We recently received this as a gift and have fallen head over heels with this adorable book, so much so, that I had to share.


Written by Tracey Corderoy, Shifty McGifty and Slippery Sam is the tale of two pups living a life of crime. But this robbing pair are not too hot at their career of choice and whilst in an attempt to create a master burglary, they stumble across their true talents in life.

The words leapt off the page in a beautiful rhythm as we read aloud and my 3yr old was instantly entranced. He immediately felt an affection for this dastardly but daft duo. The illustrations by Steven Lenton are quirky but charmingly detailed. Soon my son was drawn in to picking out details and items to understand more of the imaginary world of Shifty and Sam and their canine neighbours.

As a parent reading aloud (many times, over and over!) I found the book enjoyable. Even on the third read, I was keen to develop our version of the pups and with much help from my mini director-in-chief, perfected my voices of the main characters.

This book is a perfect bedtime addition for any preschooler in my opinion and it has easily earned a place in our go to ‘calm down’ book selection, one that I know I can pick up and it will easily send my active pair to nestle down on the sofa for a good read.

A Day out at Legoland

Well the big 3rd Birthday finally came and went with great success. We lucked out with the weather and decided on an impromptu trip to Legoland to celebrate. A few friends had recently taken their toddlers and raved about it, so we were curious to try it out for ourselves.

Being a schooldays, the park was relatively quiet, which was a relief as Eldest certainly wasn’t passed much in the patience genes. After whizzing through the gates with no queue, we found ourselves eagerly clutching a map and working out how to best tackle the park.

We took our buggy (jammed pack with all the paraphernalia a toddler and baby brings) but the park also hired out single and double push carts at quite reasonable rates, so if taking an expensive pushchair makes you a tad nervous, this is a great alternative for little legs.

We quickly discovered that Eldest was just skimming under the 1m height restricted rides but that left all the 0.9m rides for him to go on, and there really was quite a selection of preschool suitable rides on offer (Under 4’s ride list). The biggest hits of the day were  ‘The Dragon’ in Knights Kingdom and ‘Scarab Bouncers’ in Kingdom of Pharohs. Another favourite was ‘Atlantis’ a submarine style ride that even Baby was allowed to ride on, on my lap. It was a nice peaceful ride and watching the surrounding fish and sharks was a welcome break for my feet!


‘Thunder Blazer’, a classic spinning metal swing ride, tested my husband and I’s nerves, as the ride didn’t offer the opportunity for us to climb in with our son. So we buckled him in and watched nervously from the sidelines, as to how he would cope flying solo on his first ride. After much “are you sure’ing” from me and mouthed “hold on tight” to our son, it turned out the ride was incredibly tame and in fact by spin 3, he was bored and staring off to space and us both feeling like right numpties.

I packed snacks and drinks galore, worried about the cost of food. However it turned out pretty reasonable. Burgers were picked by the Birthday Boy for his special lunch and the giant bottles of water we got in our meal deal were great to take away with us for the afternoon.

With the sun shining, we decided to finish the trip off in the water splash ‘Duplo Village’. This was a great addition to the day and a fantastic chance for the kids to let off some steam without queues and waits hindering their excitement. By the time we left the village and began the (big) trek back up the hill to the car park, the kids were exhausted with joy and happily snuggled in to the buggy.

There was a car park charge, which I think is a little cheeky considering the cost of the entrance tickets but with the use of a BOGOF voucher from the back of the cereal box, the day was not as expensive as I’d nervously thought. We arrived late morning and there was still plenty to the park that we hadn’t got to explore like the discovery centre and play areas. All in all, I would recommend Legoland hands down for a fun and special day out with your little ones!

Exploring the new Dinton Pastures Park

We’ve been meaning to get over to Dinton Pastures and explore their new park for a while now, but every time we tried the heavens opened. Finally on Monday, the forecast was dry and with much eagerness we headed over.

The array of play equipment spotted from the entrance to the park sent my eldest in to a giddy spin of excitement. The design is truly fantastic and blends beautifully with the nearby lakes. No garish plastic or ugly frames but instead nature inspired designs that encourage the kids to explore and play with their surroundings.

Slides are set in to the large grassy mounds, with kids clambering up the hills and wooden side tracks. There is a smaller one by the entrance and then a much bigger one in the centre of the park. The larger slide set in ‘the mountain’ as my son called it, was absolutely fantastic. There were no steps but instead large rocks, tree trunks or wooden tracks and ropes to climb, so instead of bored children choosing to climb up the slide itself like so often found in classic play parks, the children were instead testing their skills as they worked their way up to the slide.

IMG_1104    IMG_1121

The climbing frames really were spectacular. A few too big for my eldest to climb but fantastic as it shows how the park caters to all ages. One involved entwined giant logs with a climbing net inside and another featured carved trees with climbing rock steps ingrained. My sons favourite was one with two huge tunnels and ‘buckets’ as he called it.

IMG_1125   IMG_1126

Alongside the frames, there were masses of swings, sandpits with buckets, an earth set trampoline, tunnels, wooden tee pees, aerial swings, and a roundabout.

IMG_1111 IMG_1127 IMG_1119

A sweet and small touch was that dotted about the park were wooden poles with inbuilt magnifying glasses. An amazing encouragement for children to investigate the wildlife and nature around them. Other incredible design touches included a nest of wooden eggs and a huge chair for children (and ahem.. adults) to climb upon.

IMG_1136 IMG_1124 IMG_1132

Plenty of wooden round picnic tables with tree stump chairs are within the park, making it a perfect picnic destination. Although my only tiny niggle was that they are quite huge and no good for smaller children to sit at, as being too low and far from the table.  However it really is a tiny niggle as there was plenty of benches and picnic space for us to easily pitch up at.

There is no entrance fee to the park, simply a £2 pay and display car park charge for 4 hours (£1.50 for under 1 hour) which I think is fantastic value when you put in comparison to other similar play areas within the local area. The on site cafe however, whilst lovely was a touch expensive, so we plan on bringing picnics in future with maybe an ice cream as a treat!

All in all, the park was nothing shy of wonderful. Even the baby who spent much of the time in the sling and crawling amongst the grass had a great afternoon, taking it all in. We ended up spending a blissful 4 hours at the park and by the time we found our way back to the car, I had a deliriously happy exhausted toddler and a snoozing baby on my hands. The perfect result!

Please note, all views are that of my own and are in no way influenced or prompted. All photos are not for copy or use elsewhere.