Stay Well This Winter

We are really happy to be working alongside the NHS to explain more with local families on just how important vaccinating your little ones this winter against influenza really is.

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The annual fight against flu is well underway and parents are encouraged to get their young children vaccinated against the virus.

Children aged two, three or four, or in school years one and two, are all eligible for a free flu vaccination on the NHS.

The child-friendly nasal spray vaccination means children can avoid having the dreaded injection and instead have a quick, painless squirt into each nostril.

pic of girl having nasal spray

Children aged two to four years old can visit their GP for the nasal spray vaccination; while school nurses are running clinics for children in years one and two.

Dr Andy Ciecierski, Clinical Chair for North and West Reading CCG and GP at Emmer Green Surgery said:

“The nasal spray vaccination is a quick, painless and effective way for children to be protected without the need for injections.

“The flu vaccination will help protect your child from flu and also reduce the chance of flu spreading to others.”


Paula Jackson, Consultant in Public Health, NHS England South (South Central) said:

“This year is the first time that all our youngest primary school children are eligible for the free nasal spray vaccine making this the largest school-based vaccination programme in England involving more than 23,000 children in Berkshire.

“It is important to protect young children from flu. It can be a very unpleasant illness in children as they suffer the same symptoms as adults, including fever, chills and aching muscles. Vaccinating young children also helps to protect other people who are vulnerable to flu, like older people and people with long-term health conditions, because it reduces the chance of spreading the virus.”

Mother of two, Sarah Rayfield booked an appointment for her three-year-old son Joseph, and daughter Olivia, aged 4, at her local GP surgery.

She said: “I wanted Joseph and Olivia to have the flu vaccine to protect them and prevent them from getting poorly, but also to help prevent it from being spread around. We have lots of elderly relatives and I didn’t want the risk of them having an illness and then spreading it on to somebody else.”

“It’s so straightforward and easy; it’s not any problem for them to have it done.”


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