Fun Christmas nursery rhymes

Little Santa and ElfFancy singing something a bit different from the classic carols with the children this year? Here’s a list of some of the best festive nursery rhymes that are well loved on our trips to toddler groups across Reading!

Sleeping Santas 

In the tune to ‘sleeping bunnies’. Children start the song lying down and then jump up and hop about when they hear the ‘wake up soon’.

See the little Santas sleeping till it’s noon.

Shall we try and wake them with our merry tune?

Oh so still.

Are they ill?

Wake up soon! 

Ho little Santas ho ho ho. Ho little Santas ho ho ho. Ho little Santas ho ho ho. 

 Five Little Snowmen

Sung to the tune of five little ducks went out one day.

Five little snowmen all made of snow,

Five little snowmen standing in a row,

Out came the sun and stayed all day,

And one little snowman melted away.

Repeat until no snowmen are left.

When Santa got stuck up the chimney

When Santa got stuck up the chimney he began to shout.

You girls and boys won’t get any toys, if you don’t help me out!

My beard is black, there’s soot on my sack and my nose is tickley too.

When Santa got stuck up the chimney, Atichoo, Atichoo, Atichoo. 

Here we go round the Christmas tree

To the tune of here we go round the mulberry bush.

Here we go round the Christmas tree. 
The Christmas tree, the Christmas tree. 
Here we go round the Christmas tree,
on a cold and frosty morning.

This is the way we open our presents. 
Open our presents, open our presents. 
This is the way we open our presents,
on a cold and frosty morning.

This is the way we eat our mince pies. 
Eat our mince pies, eat our mince pies. 
This is the way we eat our mince pies,
on a cold and frosty morning.

This is the way we pull on a cracker.
Pull on a cracker, pull on a cracker.
This is the way we pull on a cracker,
on a cold and frosty morning.

The Reindeer Pokey

Sung to the tune of Hokey Cokey.

You put your antlers in,

Your antlers out,

In, out, in, out,

You shake them all about;

You do the reindeer pokey

And you turn around;

Thats what it’s all about.

Oh–the reindeer pokey,

Oh–the reindeer pokey,

Oh–the reindeer pokey,

Knees bend, arms stretch,

Ra! Ra! Ra!

Then add verses for:
Red nose in.
Fluffy tail in.


Top Festive Picks for Reading

There is so much to do as a family to enjoy the run up to Christmas in Reading this year. We thought it would be great to round up some of Mumsnet Reading’s favourites!

The title of each event is a link, which will take you through to the full event listing with all times, dates and addresses.

Winter on Ice


With much excitement, this is the first year Reading has had such a family fun packed Christmas event like this. The main star is the ice rink, but there will also be a thrilling 50 metre zip wire, Santa’s Grotto and festive chalets. We’d love to hear your thoughts on this new feature, so do stop by the listing and add a review for others to see!



A pantomime is a fantastic way to get the family together and enjoy a light hearted evening. This year, the Hexagon will be performing Cinderella. The big headliners are Jon Clegg, star of Britain’s got Talent and Dave Myers from Hairy Bikers.

Basildon Park’s Christmas Country House and Trail


A family favourite, the wonderful Christmas trail has returned to Basildon Park again this year. Follow the fun clues for an adventure around the grounds and then stop by the beautifully decorated house to warm up.

Carols by Candlelight in aid of Launchpad

A beautiful carol service, where all proceeds go to the brilliant charity Launchpad. All proceeds go to helping them to continue their crucial work with people who are vulnerable and homelessness in Reading. Starting at 6pm on the 11th of December, this carol services could really warm the soul and help teach the children that Christmas isn’t just about presents under the tree.

5k Santa’s Run

santa run

A brilliantly fun afternoon where you can spot hundreds of Santa’s dashing through the town. Stop by and cheer on those running all in aid of Duchess of Kent Hospice and Alexander Devine Children’s Hospice Service.

Welcome to the wonderful world of Carddies

Through the fantastic family of Mumsnet Local Editors, I was offered the opportunity to try out a brilliant new brand, Carddies and we have had a great time getting to know this lovely set that has travelled to us.


Things are starting to get festive and so we decided to give the nativity set a go. We love to do Christmas themed activities in the course of December and this seemed like a fantastic place for us to start on Monday. Both Eldest and Youngest were fascinated by the colourful box and what lay inside. We were all eager to start when I showed them what we’d be doing.

In each box is a selection of double sided cut outs, a back drop, some pencils and some fabulous little bases that the characters sit in to allow them to stand and be moved.

photo-9 photo-12

We had great fun getting each character out of the box, talking about their role in the nativity and colouring them in (I may have even got a bit carried away colouring one in, can you spot it amongst Eldest’s beautiful creations?)

At first set up I had fetched the colouring-in tin of crayons and pens as I was unsure of the pencils and fearing they would be of the same dire quality occasionally found in the restaurant ‘entertainment’ packs. You know, the ones that require such force as to dent the table before it would even leave some decent colour on the page, in which case the thing then snaps anyway. Well I need have not feared this at all, the pencils provided in the pack were fantastic quality and beautiful to use. Even youngest’s dainty swirls left some impressive shading on the figures. There was also a generous selection of colours to choose from.


As each character was coloured, Eldest took great delight in then giving them their base to stand upon and importantly placing them in the scene. Even once the attention for colouring had faded, we still spent a further half an hour playing with the scene, giving them voices and acting out the nativity story.

These little boxes are just fantastic and hold so many possibilities. So far in the space of 3 days, our little box has been with us to a restaurant, to visit family and opened several times at home to add a little more colouring and a little more play. They are easy to transport too as they are perfectly sized for the changing bag or children’s backpacks and the box seems exceptionally robust, with no signs of wear and tear as of yet! I am thinking of ordering a few more to have on hand when I need things to just calm down a little and focus, when the craziness of the Christmas family visits and the gift whirlwind begins.

Screen Shot 2014-12-03 at 9.41.22 PM

Outside of the holiday period, Carddies still has plenty to offer. Children’s favourites such as cavemen, ballet dancers and footballers are available. Or a lovely option could also be the family Carddies sets, which could allow children to act out some beautiful imaginative play including all the characters from their very own family.

These fantastic boxes would make a brilliant Christmas stocking filler and it doesn’t get better than buying a British made, creative, and very eco-friendly product, well  actually it does, it comes with a discount!

For all orders purchased before the 31st of December:

• Save 10% when you purchase 1 Carddies set;
• Save 15% when you purchase 2 or 3 Carddies sets;
• Save 20% when you purchase 4 or more Carddies sets.

To receive this discount enter code XMASOFFR in the “Gift Card and Promotional Codes” box at the checkout, at the very last stage of the ordering process when you are reviewing your order and just before you press the “buy now” button. This offer only applies to purchases from Carddies Limited own store at Amazon, found here Carddies Amazon Store.