Kool Kidz Kutz – A haircut above the rest!

Driving down Wokingham Road on our way to the kids MAD Academy lesson and I stopped at the traffic lights and looked across and saw the bright and colourful sign of the new hair salon, Kool Kidz Kutz, specialising in cutting children and young peoples hair.

I had been meaning to try this new hairdressers out for a while, waiting for my sons hair to be ready for a trim. (Youngest at 9months is a fair bit slower on the old hair growing part and her first hair cut is still a very far milestone in the distance!) Looking in rearview and catching Eldest swiping the hair from his eyes confirmed we were ready and I decided there we would be stopping in on our way back.

Parking was easy despite its prime location with a small but easily accessible car park at the rear of the salon and as soon as we reached the door, Eldest was excited. Fun was visible almost immediately, with an inviting array of toys on the play mats, colouring set out on the kids table and a rail jam packed with dressing up clothes.

Youngest was fast asleep after merrily shaking maracas to her hearts content at music, so she sadly missed out on the plentiful entertainment options on offer and being the only ones visiting at the time, Eldest was free to pick and choose from the impressive toy selection as he pleased.


From the minute we walked in we were made to feel welcome. Eldest was greeted and offered a glass of juice. He was allowed plenty of time to feel comfortable in his surroundings and when ready, he was given the task of selecting his vehicle of choice for his trim. Sat in front of the cutting mirrors, is a Barbie jeep, a sleek red racing car and a cool fire engine. Eldest quickly chose the later and was giddy when he discovered it also offered siren noises and a toy walkie talkie.


Our hairdresser that day Hayley, also the owner of the salon was nothing shy of wonderful. Her calm nature and confidence in her job put myself and my 3yr old instantly at ease.

Eldest has sadly inherited my bizarre hair, not only do my family feature a cows lick at the front but also a double crown. This means, too short and his hair will poke up like a coconut’s tufts, too long and it all starts going out wide, thick and unruly. In past haircuts, I’ve just been asked “Trim all over?” with the cut starting before I can even describe what we were looking for. This usually ends in disaster for his double crown. What may look smart and short today, in a weeks time will be poking upright at the back of his head for at least a month.

So it was with great relief when Hayley actually asked me what cut I was hoping for. She instantly spotted the double crown, cows lick and dodgy last choppy cut and reassured me that would soften the edges but keep his hair long as possible to weigh it down. Rather than just chopping as quick as possible, time was taken and a proper hair style was given (surfer dude was the style we all agreed upon!)


His finished cut was (and 10 days later, still is) fantastic. The style looks fun and cute for his age, not chopped and snipped at in a panic. I can’t thank Hayley enough.


After chatting it through, I was amazed at the variety of services on offer at Kool Kidz Kutz. Alongside little people’s hair, the salon also provides hair care for tweens, teens and even adults needing a bit of help to entertain the children whilst they get their hair maintained.

The price list showed fun pamper treatments available including hair styling such as curling, crimping, straightening and plaits. Face and body glitter, make up and a Kool Mini Mani are also on offer on request and the salon even gives the chance to host a children’s party.

If getting your little ones hair cut is a tense fraught experience, or even if not and you just want to make this regular visit a bit more fun, then I cannot recommend Kool Kidz Kutz enough.

The salon is open Weds, Thurs, Fri and Sat, call 0118 926 9635 now to book ahead or visit the website for a full price list: www.koolkidzkutz.co.uk.



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