A Day out at Legoland

Well the big 3rd Birthday finally came and went with great success. We lucked out with the weather and decided on an impromptu trip to Legoland to celebrate. A few friends had recently taken their toddlers and raved about it, so we were curious to try it out for ourselves.

Being a schooldays, the park was relatively quiet, which was a relief as Eldest certainly wasn’t passed much in the patience genes. After whizzing through the gates with no queue, we found ourselves eagerly clutching a map and working out how to best tackle the park.

We took our buggy (jammed pack with all the paraphernalia a toddler and baby brings) but the park also hired out single and double push carts at quite reasonable rates, so if taking an expensive pushchair makes you a tad nervous, this is a great alternative for little legs.

We quickly discovered that Eldest was just skimming under the 1m height restricted rides but that left all the 0.9m rides for him to go on, and there really was quite a selection of preschool suitable rides on offer (Under 4’s ride list). The biggest hits of the day were  ‘The Dragon’ in Knights Kingdom and ‘Scarab Bouncers’ in Kingdom of Pharohs. Another favourite was ‘Atlantis’ a submarine style ride that even Baby was allowed to ride on, on my lap. It was a nice peaceful ride and watching the surrounding fish and sharks was a welcome break for my feet!


‘Thunder Blazer’, a classic spinning metal swing ride, tested my husband and I’s nerves, as the ride didn’t offer the opportunity for us to climb in with our son. So we buckled him in and watched nervously from the sidelines, as to how he would cope flying solo on his first ride. After much “are you sure’ing” from me and mouthed “hold on tight” to our son, it turned out the ride was incredibly tame and in fact by spin 3, he was bored and staring off to space and us both feeling like right numpties.

I packed snacks and drinks galore, worried about the cost of food. However it turned out pretty reasonable. Burgers were picked by the Birthday Boy for his special lunch and the giant bottles of water we got in our meal deal were great to take away with us for the afternoon.

With the sun shining, we decided to finish the trip off in the water splash ‘Duplo Village’. This was a great addition to the day and a fantastic chance for the kids to let off some steam without queues and waits hindering their excitement. By the time we left the village and began the (big) trek back up the hill to the car park, the kids were exhausted with joy and happily snuggled in to the buggy.

There was a car park charge, which I think is a little cheeky considering the cost of the entrance tickets but with the use of a BOGOF voucher from the back of the cereal box, the day was not as expensive as I’d nervously thought. We arrived late morning and there was still plenty to the park that we hadn’t got to explore like the discovery centre and play areas. All in all, I would recommend Legoland hands down for a fun and special day out with your little ones!

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