To annual pass or not?

As I mentioned in my previous post, coming up soon is Eldest’s 3rd birthday. Now normally every year in his birthday loot, is an annual pass to one of our favourite spots around Reading. The first year it was for Beale Park. A wonderful wildlife park just outside of Pangbourne. This was fantastic for us as not only did he adore the Little Tikes village or the ‘car park’ as he called it, but my son went free. Under 2’s gain free entry to Beale Park so an adult annual pass was needed for me. We happily spent our summer riding the little train, feeding goats and watching the lemurs.

2nd birthday came and I wasn’t so sure on renewing anymore. I found we hadn’t got much use of the pass in the winter months. Whilst fantastic in Summer, we found it was rather lacking come the colder months. The indoor soft play room was a tad  whiffy and sadly the most neglected part of the park.

So in the end we took up a quarterly pass for Kids in Action, a fantastic soft play just outside of Reading in Winnersh. The themed play rooms, alongside the large soft play frames, were fantastic entertainment for a 2yr old (even though my shins still bare the bruises from some enthusiastic drivers in the Crazy Coupe car lot!) My son would of loved an annual pass but I nearly fainted at the cost, so the quarterly one had to do.

Now we umm and ahh over where to try for 3rd birthday. Going back to Beale Park is an option, as Eldest has several friends also with passes. Although now at 3 and needing his own pass, the price is a tad steeper. Other friends have taken up Merlin, Wellington Country Park and Bucklebury Farm passes. The first, I think may be a tad wasted on our little chap and a touch too expensive for us. Is there anywhere you’d recommend? Any annual passes you’d swear by for a toddler and baby in tow? If so, do let me know!

Summer fun at Beale Park

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